How to Participate

You may participate in this project by making yourself available for an interview, offering names and contact information of Marin veterans, conducting interviews, and transcribing interviews.  If you would like to participate in this project, contact Nicholas Elsbree at:  Send written correspondence to: Honoring Our Marin Veterans, 46 Paseo Way, Greenbrae, CA  94904.

Volunteer to be interviewed:

If you are a veteran native to Marin County, but currently living outside Marin County, or a veteran currently residing in Marin County, we would like to record your recollections of your combat military experiences.  Please contact us with your name, phone number, and other contact info so we can arrange an interview as soon as possible.

Provide information regarding a Marin veteran:

If you know of any veteran that has served in military combat, native to Marin County or currently residing in Marin County, that would be interested in participating in this project, please provide us the name of the Marin veteran, military branch, war(s) served in, and all contact information.

Help take interviews or transcribe audio tapes:

If you would like to take interviews or help with transcription of interviews, please contact us with your name, phone number, email address and availability.

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